Country Information

Country Information

China, attracts adventure seekers from all over the world. It is the world's third largest country, covering 6,000,000 square miles and spanning over 60 longitudinal degrees.

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Full Country Name: People's Republic of China
Area: 9,600,000 km2
Population: 1.33 billion
Capital: Beijing
People: Han Chinese (92%), Zhuang, Manchu, Uighur and other ethnic groups
Language: Mandarin

City Information

Kunming is located in east-central Yunnan province, between north latitude 24°23′ and 26°22′N, and east longitude 102°10′and 103°40′E, with a total area of 21,600 km2 (8,340 sq mi). Its widest length from the east to the west amounts to 140 km (87 mi) and its largest length from the north to the south amounts to 220 km (137 mi).

Situated in a fertile lake basin on the northern shore of the Lake Dian and surrounded by mountains to the north, west, and east, Kunming has always played a pivotal role in the communications of southwestern China.

Lake Dian, titled as "the Pearl of the Plateau", is the sixth largest fresh water lake in China, is the largest lake in Yunnan and has an area of approximately 340 km2 (130 sq mi).

Kunming's highest point is Mazong Ridge of the Jiaozi Mountain in Luquan with an elevation of 4,247 m (13,934 ft), and its lowest point is the joint of the Xiaojiang River and the Jinsha River in Dongchuan District, with an elevation of 695 m (2,280 ft). Its downtown area is 1,891 m (6,204 ft) above sea level.About 96 km (60 mi) southeast of the city is the Stone Forest, a karst formation developed as a tourist attraction consisting of rock caves, arches, and pavilions. It is part of the larger karst-based landscape of the area.

Area: 21,473 km2
Population: 7.26 million
People: Han Chinese (86.16%), Yi People, Hui People, Bai People and other ethnic groups
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