Kunming is known for its cool climate all year round.

The city is located at longitude 102°10’ to 103°40’ east and latitude 24°23’ to 26°22’ north, at an altitude of 1,891 meters. With a low latitude and highland monsoon climate, Kunming enjoys ample sunlight with longer daylight hours and frost-free periods.

The average temperature in Kunming is 16°C. These excellent climate conditions have won Kunming the deserving name of “Spring City” where golfers enjoy their games all year round.

The table below shows the average temperature in the morning and in the afternoon.

  Season   Morning Golfing
Afternoon Golfing
Spring (March-May) 14 - 19 °C 19 - 23 °C
Summer (June-August) 18 - 20 °C 22 - 25 °C
Autumn (September-November) 13 - 18 °C 17 - 21 °C
Winter (December-February) 08 - 11 °C 13 - 16 °C
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